The photography passion runs parallel to my devotion for painting. Photography in my experience is a wonderful way of taking notes, letting light writing for me.

In 2018 I started working to the Contaminations series, born from the need of making peace between my primary love for painting and the dedication to photography. This series tells the story of the symbiotic union between painting process and image, celebrated through the essential element that unites and at the same time distinguishes them: the light. This concept is materialized in the creative process through the union of painted canvas and image transfer on recycled plastic, made with hundreds of single-use plastic bottles. The image transfer, a fusion between photography and digital painting, is made with several different methods, both analogic and digital, then completed with the drawing and the painting phases. Some of these works are completed with the presence of a special LED light system with movement sensors, which celebrate the union between drawing, painting and photography, making them become true when the spectator moves around the artwork.

These works rise from a deep reflection upon the concept of re-familiarize with nature, so that we can create a relationship based on reciprocal trust, respect and love for our planet, as well as for every other living being. This way is accessible only if each one of us gets familiar and learns to respect themselves, our homes, our families, our cities. Everything that is near, close, known. Only after this process we can extend our boundaries.

The natural subjects represented in this series run on the threads of time and memory, bringing back into the light the importance of nature in forming our memories. Every flower and every tree has a story to tell and their roots are weaved together with ours.

the story

Elisa Bonaparte arrived in Lucca after one of her brothers, probably the most famous and “ambitious” of the family, Napoleon, gave her as a present the Princedom of Lucca and Piombino in 1805.

It’s told in fact that Elisa was a very strong, confident and tenacious woman…

contaminations series