“Simplicity is the only essential thing”

This concept represents me more than any other, both in my life and in my work, also in the teachings that I try to transmit to my kids and my students. I believe that this is a very important concept bringing back the attention to the respect that we owe to our beautiful planet. Simple gestures like getting water from public fountains, bringing back the old pleasure of coffee in the moka pot, nourishing ourselves with what Mother Nature gives us, respecting the seasonal cycles, adopting an abandoned animal, helping friends and family, and also sharing what we have not just with our loved ones but with anyone in need.

These are all very important details, with their extreme simplicity, and I try to bring them into my paintings, transforming each artwork into a message of hope for our planet.

Fine Art limited edition prints

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Fine Art prints of all the original paintings are available on request (WATCH THE VIDEO).
Printed on several materials, such as canvas, forex and PVC, could be sent framed or unframed, and also be ordered in many different sizes.
For each artwork we produce a limited edition series of 25 prints, signed on the back and provided with certificates of authenticity with original signature of the artist.

Dimensions of the artworks shown in this catalogue are for ease of reference only and may differ from the dimensions of the original artwork.