the story

My latest abstract series Neurorehabilitation began during a very complicate chapter of my life, while toward the end of my last pregnancy I was diagnosed with a serious spinal problem.

Everything around me fell apart. Touching the bottom, I managed to rebuild my life restarting from scratch. I began a long neuro-rehabilitation programme, working on my lost mobility and stimulating both sides of the brain, especially the left one, my weak point, in continuous conflict with the right one, centre of creativity so predominant for me.

So I started painting using both hands while painting, in order to reactivate both sides of the brain, also leaving the usual brush-palette scheme to expand the range of instruments and materials to recycled and sustainable scrap raw materials.

This is how I started this new project, as an essential part of my neuro-rehabilitation, that permits me to stimulate both the cerebral hemispheres in order to recover my damaged nervous functions, practising daily the most powerful form of meditation for me, painting, which allowed me to manage the pain, accept it and transform it in source of inspiration, and channelling it into positive, constructive energy, into art.

I have started a profound journey within myself, restarting from a new scale of priorities.

neurorehabilitation series

The story behind the Neurorehabilitation Series

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A small preview of the interview made by my aussie friend Petrina Kapper in February this year, or let’s say from our previous life… feels like an eternity ago! In this video you will learn a bit more about the story behind my Neurorehabilitation art series. I always find it very interesting to understand what’s the story or the idea behind an art series. I hope you enjoy it too!